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You Have 60 minutes and One Goal…  Escape before time runs out

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with Sherlock Holmes or lead a mission to Mars?  How about trying to save some victims from a serial killer knowing he will gladly add you to his collection if you fail?  Ever felt like being part of the biggest heist in the world while proving true love?

You and your friends, family, or colleagues will be challenged to do just that as you race against the clock to solve your mission.  With only 60 minutes to escape, you must communicate and work as a team to explore your surroundings using logic, instinct, and critical thinking to find secret passages, solve intricate puzzles, crack ciphers, and uncover hidden mysteries that will ultimately lead to your escape.  Time is ticking… 

Escape In Time in Spring is the perfect venue for

Hanging Out With Friends!,

Located in the office buildings behind CiCi Pizza or Express Laundry

at 367 Sawdust Rd Spring, TX 77380. 

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